How to Use Two WhatsApp Account on Any Android Smartphone

Given the widespread popularity of Android smartphones with dual SIM card support, manufacturers have been working to enable users to utilize both SIMs with separate WhatsApp accounts. However, it’s not as simple as downloading WhatsApp from the Google Play Store twice, as the app doesn’t natively support dual SIM accounts on a single device. A workaround is needed to use two distinct WhatsApp accounts on a dual SIM phone.

To address this limitation, leading smartphone manufacturers have developed innovative software solutions and OS customizations that enable users to utilize both SIM cards with separate WhatsApp accounts on dual SIM Android devices. This clever tweaking enables the smartphone to create a duplicate or clone of the installed WhatsApp app, effectively allowing the use of two distinct WhatsApp accounts, each linked to a separate SIM card inserted in the phone.

Here’s a rewritten version of the text with some slight changes:

“Below, you’ll find the unique names given to this feature by various manufacturers, along with their corresponding locations:

– [Manufacturer 1]: [Feature Name] (Settings > [Menu Option])
– [Manufacturer 2]: [Feature Name] (Settings > [Menu Option])
– [Manufacturer 3]: [Feature Name] (Settings > [Menu Option])

If you’re using a smartphone from any of the above manufacturers, you can skip this tutorial. Simply ensure your device is running the latest Android OS version provided by your manufacturer, and you’ll be all set! No additional steps are required, as the necessary features are already integrated into your device’s software.

However, if you’re using a smartphone from brands like Tecno, Infinix, Ulefone, Oukitel, Itel, Elephone, BlackBerry, Blackview, InFocus, Lava, Macromax, InnJoo, Umidigi, XTouch, Bluboo, or any other Android-powered device, then this tutorial is for you! Continue reading to discover how to use two WhatsApp accounts on your Android smartphone.

GBWhatsApp APK features:

  • GBWhatsApp APK offers a range of exciting features, including:

    – Auto-reply: automatically respond to messages
    – New Android Oreo Emojis: express yourself with the latest emojis
    – DND mode: disable internet connection to the app
    – Image and video effects: add filters before sending
    – Mass document sharing: send up to 100 documents at once
    – Call unknown numbers: connect with anyone
    – Customizable auto-media download: choose which groups can auto-download media
    – Story saver: save others’ stories for later
    – Privacy controls: hide last seen, blue ticks, second tick, and more.


This tutorial is specifically designed for individuals seeking to use two WhatsApp accounts on their:

– Tecno phone
– Infinix smartphone
– Itel phone

Additionally, this guide is also compatible with owners of other smartphone models, including:

– Fero
– Innjoo
– Ulefone
– Oukitel
– Lava
– Leagoo

As well as older models from the aforementioned brands. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use dual WhatsApp accounts on your device.

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