High-Paid Cleaning Jobs in the US – Apply and get booked!

In our survey of diverse cleaning professionals, we found that opportunities in the cleaning industry extend well beyond conventional household cleaning. Commercial spaces, hotels, and specialized services have emerged as lucrative avenues. Maria, a seasoned cleaner, shared that diversifying into commercial cleaning significantly broadened her clientele and substantially increased her income.


6 Expert Strategies for High-Paid Cleaning Jobs in the US and Worldwide

1.   Considering Specialized Cleaning

Mark, a window cleaner in Glasgow, exemplifies the demand for specialized cleaning roles in the UK. By acquiring specific certifications for high-rise window cleaning, he positioned himself as an expert, enabling him to command higher rates.


Similarly, in interviews with other industrial lead cleaners, the consensus is clear – certifications are not just pieces of paper; they are investments in one’s professional future. Susan, a cleaner from California, emphasized how obtaining an eco-friendly cleaning certification not only set her apart but also attracted clients willing to pay a premium for environmentally conscious services.

Jane in London shared her experience of undertaking a training program on BICSc standards. This not only equipped her with the necessary knowledge but also positioned her as a compliant and informed candidate in the eyes of UK employers.

2.  Networking within the Community

Our interviews with cleaners consistently revealed the power of personal connections. Sarah in Texas secured a high-paid cleaning job through a recommendation from a community member. Active participation in local events and groups not only demonstrated her commitment to cleanliness but also positioned her as a reliable professional.

3.  Utilizing Online Job Platforms

Emma’s success story in Florida underscores the significance of online platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn. Her optimized profiles attracted the attention of potential employers, leading to a well-paying hotel housekeeping job. These platforms have become indispensable tools for modern cleaners seeking high-paid positions.

John’s journey from entry-level positions to supervisory roles in New York serves as an inspiring example. His meticulously crafted resume, highlighting achievements and growth, not only secured him lucrative positions but also communicated a commitment to excellence to potential employers.

4. Leverage Cleaning Jobs Recruitment Agencies

James in Berlin, Germany success emphasizes the role of recruitment agencies. By registering with reputable agencies, cleaners gain access to a broader spectrum of job opportunities and ensure alignment with their skillsets and salary expectations.

Mark’s experience in Toronto, Canada sheds light on the effectiveness of a direct approach. By applying directly to a high-end cleaning company and showcasing his knowledge of specialized cleaning techniques, he secured a position with competitive pay and benefits.

5. Embracing Digital Platforms to find Cleaning Jobs

Our interviews highlighted the growing importance of online platforms like Totaljobs and Gumtree in the UK. Jack in Birmingham secured a well-paying job by actively maintaining and updating his Gumtree profile, showcasing the relevance of these platforms in the modern job search.

6. Highlighting Soft Skills

Effective communication is a cornerstone in the global cleaning service industry. Hannah in Canberra, Australia stressed the importance of emphasizing excellent communication skills during interviews. This, combined with a commitment to customer satisfaction, positioned her as a desirable candidate for high-paid positions.

Creating an Impactful Digital Presence

1. Creating a Personal Website

Emily in the US emphasized the impact of a personal website. Her site, detailing services, certifications, and client testimonials, not only attracted direct clients but also served as a powerful portfolio for potential employers.

2. Utilizing Facebook Ads

Michael, a cleaner in the UK, shared his success with targeted Facebook ads. These ads proved instrumental in reaching a wider audience, leading to increased inquiries and ultimately higher-paying opportunities.

3. Google Listing

Sarah in London highlighted the importance of a Google My Business listing. Positive reviews not only attracted new clients but also caught the attention of employers looking for trustworthy cleaners.

4. Joining Social Media Groups

Emma in the US actively engaged with local house rental groups on Facebook. By sharing cleaning tips and engaging with members, she not only attracted clients but also received direct job offers from impressed property owners.

5. Showcasing Social Proof and Engagement

John in Australia regularly posted before-and-after pictures on Instagram. This social proof not only attracted clients but also engaged his followers, creating a community around his cleaning services.

Crafting a Standout  Cleaning Jobs  Application

1. Tailoring Your Cover Letter

In our survey of successful cleaners,  we realized that a generic cover letter won’t cut it. Mary in Canada emphasized the importance of crafting personalized cover letters that directly addressed the needs of each prospective employer. This tailored approach significantly increased her chances of landing interviews.

2. Creating an Online Portfolio

David, a cleaner in the US, highlighted the power of an online portfolio. His website, featuring before-and-after pictures of his work, served as a visual testament to his skills and professionalism, setting him apart in the competitive job market.

3. Following Up

Sarah in the UK shared her proactive approach of following up with potential employers after applying. This not only demonstrated her continued interest but also showcased her commitment and dedication.

International Applicants: How to Apply for Cleaning Jobs Abroad

1. Exploring Global Job Platforms

Chinaza, a cleaner from Nigeria, shared his experience with international job platforms like Monster and Indeed. These platforms provided him with a gateway to apply for cleaning jobs in the UK, emphasizing the global nature of the cleaning industry.

2. Highlighting Cross-Cultural Skills

Mei, a cleaner from China, stressed the importance of highlighting cross-cultural communication skills when applying for cleaning jobs abroad. Her ability to understand and respect diverse cultural norms significantly contributed to her success.

3. Utilizing Online Networking

Obed, a cleaner from Uganda, built an international network through platforms like LinkedIn. This not only broadened his professional connections but also opened doors to cleaning contracts in both the US and the UK.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide, backed by real-life testimonials and strategies from successful cleaners, provides a roadmap for securing high-paid cleaning jobs in the US and the UK. By adopting a multifaceted approach that combines traditional methods with a strong digital presence, aspiring cleaners can position themselves for a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic cleaning industry.

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