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BBSHRRDB Sindh Free Courses with Certificates 2021 Apply Online

BBSHRRDB Free Courses in Sindh with Certificates 2021 has been reported by the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Human Resource Research and Development Board, Government of Sindh for the jobless youth so they can profit this chance of mastering the exceptional abilities and at end using them procure great add up to satisfy their monetary necessities and to have a glad existence.

These Free Courses are beyond what 100 in number in which competitor can select by applying on the web through the BBSHRRDB official site bbshrrdb.pk while giving the entirety of the necessary subtleties in the online application structure. The up-and-comer need to choose which course he/she needs to apply for as indicated by his/her advantage, still on the off chance that it goes uncertain the competitor can look for the assistance of the web for this significant choice.

In this Post, we will impart to you the total subtleties of these courses and how to apply in these courses, so read it till the end cautiously.

Rundown of BBSHRRDB Free Courses in Sindh with Certificates 2021

Data and Communication Technology

Web based business, CIT, Office Automation, Software Designing, Mobile Application Developer, Advance Courses in Operating System, Networking Software and Computer Security, Call Center Agent/Operator, Telemarketing/Medicine, Sales and Marketing, Printing and Composing and so on, Social Media Marketing Expert

Articles of clothing, Fit wear and Hosiery Manufacturing

Modern Stitching Machine Operator/Mechanic, Knitting Machine Operator/Mechanic, Hosiery, Merchandising Management Techniques, Planning and Control, Apparel Supervisor, Quality Control in Garments, Industrial Engineering, Pattern Drafting and Cutting, Import/Export Procedure and Documentation Experts, Computerized Embroidery Machine Operator CAM/CAD Computerized Pattern Making/Fabric Designing.

Yarn and Fabric Manufacturing and Processing

Yarn Manufacturing, Blowroom Operator, Drawing Machine Operator, Ring Machine Operator, Card Machine Operator, Winding Machine Operator, Fabric Manufacturing, Cloth Inspector, Loom Operator, Loop Technician, Fabric Processing, Desizing, Bleaching, Dining, Printing, Finishing Wear House and Packing Assistant, Textile Weaver, Susi Cloth Making

Cowhide Garments/Fitwear

Cowhide Processing, Leather Garments, Pattern Making, Leather Garments Stitching Machine Operator, Shoe Dsigning , Cutting, Closing, Upper Making, Last Making, Modeling, Grading, Manufacturing Quality Control, Sewing and Stitching, Sports Wear Stitching.

Sports Manufacturing

Sports Goods and Accessories Manufacturing(Football, Hockey, Cricket Bats and so forth)

Auto (Machining and Tolling)

Tol, Mold and Dye Mechanic/Manufacturing, CNC Programming and CNC Machining, Designer/Pattern Maker, Sheet Metal Process, Helper, Custom Metal Stamping, Computerized Parts Management, Auto Parts Manufacturing, Bicycle Sector, Cutlery Polishing, Grinding, Assembling, Process Man/(Auto CAD/CAM), Inspection and Quality Control Material Testing and Heat Treatment, CNC Machinist and Forging and Presswork, Bulldozer Operator, Crane Operators, Excavator Operator, Welder, Motor Winding, LTV and HTV Driving, Puncture Mending, Wheel Balancing, Radiator Services Lift Operator, Motor Winding, Tractor Driver and Mechanic, Panel Beater/Painter(Denting/Painting), Petroleum Technology Assistant, Racking Operators on boats, Microhydal Project Machine Operator/CBT, Sugar Mill Technician, Rice Milling and Grading Tehcniain, Mill Right(Industrial Making), Programmable Logical Controller(PLC), Product Designing and CAM Operator, Fitter General, Platter Burner(Gas), Dumper Driver Gear Manufacturing


Crisis Medical Technician(EMT), Incident Management System, Quality Management in International Health, Medical Receptionist/Secretary Certificate, Patient Care Technician or Certified Nurse Assistant, Vocational Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, Paramedics(All Categories), Pharmaceutical Sales Agent Pharmacists, Electromedical Equipment Maintenance, Health and Safety, Surgical Instruments Manufacturer, Pharmacy Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, Dental Technician, Dental Surgery Assistant

Telecom Industry

Fundamental Fiver Optic Technician, Optical Fiber Cable joining, Optical Fiber System, Rugger, base handset station professional, Fiver Optic Network Design, Fiber to the home, FOA Certification, Telephone Exchange Installation, Maintenance and Operations, Fiber Glass Sheet Making and Installation


BBSHRRDB Free Courses in Sindh with Certificates 2021

Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Media Planner, Multi Media Specialist, Public Relation Officer, Social Media Manager, Television/Film/Video Producer, Web Content Manager, Interpreter/Translator, Film/Video Editor, Technical Writer, Blogger, Sound Engineer, Content Strategist, Video Game Design, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designer, Production Assistant Video Editor, Web Application Developer.

Fisheries, Dairy and Livestock

Dairy Technology, Dairy Farm Management, Fisheries Technology and Management, Livestock Technology and Management, Veterinary Assistant Certificate, Fish Farming, Poultry Assistant, Artificial Insemination Technician, Animal Diseases Controller, Gardener and Land Scrapper, Kitchen Gardener, Poultry Housing and Management, Poultry Hatchery Management, Veterinary Poultry and Dairy Assistant, Fish Farming Citrus Nursing Management and Bee Keeping Farmer

Mining Thermal, Solar and Wind Power Plants

Electrical Safety for Coal Miners, Electrical Safety for Metal/Non Metal Miners Blasting, Coal Preparation, Wind Turbine Technician, Solar Energy Technology and every single significant exchange

The travel industry and Hospitality

Food and Beverage Service, Food Preparation, Food Technology, Property Up-cap, House Keeping, Front Desk Operations, Baker and Pastry Maker, Professional Chef/CBT, Restaurant Manager, House Keeping/Day Care, Receptionist/Front Desk Manager, Domestic Skilled Worker/CBT, Travel Agent, Tour Operator, Hotel Manager, Event and Conference Organizer, Tour Guide, Restaurant Management, Sales and Marketing Manager, Hotel Receptionist, Catering Manager Hospitality, Waiter Flower Making

Plastic Sector/Technology

Creation Assistant, Safety Supervisor, Mold and Process Assistant, Manufacturing Assistant, Product Designer, Quality Control Incharge

Development (Buildings, Roads, Bridges and Railways)

Street Work Labor Certification, Plant Operator, Railway Track Mobile Repair, Plant Operator, Basic Work Site Traffic Management Accreditation, Rail Road Signaling and Circuits, Dispatcher, Folding, Rigger Operator, False Ceiling and Insulation Sheet Fabrication

Ceramics, Services, Tailoring and Arts and Crafts

Essentials of Ceramics, Refractory Technology, Stitching and Sewing and Beautician, Gents Haircut, Sindhi Topi (Cap) Making, Ajrak Making, Rali Making, Hand/Machine Embroidery, Khais Making

Carpentry/Furniture Making

Cutting Machine Operator, Furniture Fitter/Assembler(Joiner), Wood Working, Master Kitchen man, Laith Machine Operator, Wood Furniture Designer(AutoCAD), Structure of Bed Maker Modern Finishing/Polishing Materials and Techniques, Operating and Maintaining CNC Machines, Furniture Upholster, Carpenter, Aluminum/Steel Fabricator, Shuttering Carpenter/Scaffold and Steel Fixer

Cultivation and Agriculture

Cultivation Technician, Agricultural, Horticulture and protection and Land Management, Food Processing Mango Treatment and Processing Pickle Process, Date Packaging, Date Preservation, Packaging and Logistics, Fruit Processing and Preservation


Watchmen, Supervisors and Managers, Rescue, Emergency, First Aid and Fire Fighter, Health and Safety Technician

Airplane/Marine and Shipping Industry

Air Ticketing, Aircraft Maintenance, Ship Breaking, Ship Building and Maintenance, Offshore Construction, Ship Management, Boat Building, Shipping Line, Marine Insurance, Freight Forwarding and Operations Seaman, Submersible Pump Repair


Early Child Education, Montessori Directors, Call Center Agents, Taxation Skills, Social Mobilizers

Instructions to Apply for BBSHRRDB Free Courses in Sindh with Certificates 2021

  • First and foremost open the BBSHRRDB official site from here
  • Enter your CNIC Number and Age
  • At that point apply by topping off the online application structure

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